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Happy Birthday Joanne Typography

    This is my first kinetic typography work. From writing script, recording & processing, to actually making the video, it took me about 10 hours to finish. I mainly used After Effect for editing. In the process I also

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Currently I’m the programmer on team Osiris. Osiris is working with the CMU Hacking Team (PPP or Plaid Parliament of Pwning) and their faculty adviser, Prof. David Brumley to design a nation-wide high school competition, picoCTF, to encourage computer security and

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Metaphor Interactive Logo Design

This is a logo I designed for the game development team, Metaphor Interactive. The design goal is to include Chinese elements through shapes with simplicity. I designed this logo depicting a Chinese seal inscribed with the character “Metaphor”(喻), in ancient

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Fight Bullies

href=””>   Fight Bullies is a 3D billiard game. It changes the traditional round-based game into real time. With different power balls and different maps the game is diverse and fun. This is a game we made for Dare to

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Planet Story

  Planet Story is a 3D real time strategy game. It shows a war on the surface of a sphere. The player need to control their troop (gas) to conquer islands and compete with other forces. This is a game

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MGS Sound Design

This is my sound design of a Metal Gear Solid Rising trailer. I mainly used Audition as editing tool. The music and sound effects are all made by myself or from royalty free websites.

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Heartless One

Heartless One is a game in Global Game Jam 2013. With a team of five, we finished this game within 48 hours. I’m the programmer on the team.

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Flower Dance

Flower Dance is the music used in Floria, made by DJ Okawari. We did this music visualization work using assets in Floria. This work is on display at the ETC Bridge at the night of the BVW Show 2012.  

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DATA Award Update: Floria won the award in the May 15th event! Floria is one of the final lists in DATA Award, under the category “Students”. Successful BVW Show 2012! Floria had great success on the BVW Show 2012!

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Rocky Road

  Rocky Road is my first BVW work at CMU ETC. It features a world of simple shapes and promotes intuitive gameplay. I’m the main programmer on this project, finishing the game framework, mechanism, control and UI using Unity 3D.

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