Due to the requirement to balance the amount of students with the four roles, at the beginning of my year I was assigned as sound designer, though my background was in computer science and I preferred programming. I proved myself capable of quickly picking up new skills, and finished the Round 0 Trailer Sound Design well.

Through the semester I fulfilled my sound designer job, and in each round shouldered some programming responsibility, so as to continuously refine my programming skills and learn tools. In Rocky Road, I was the main programmer, and in Floria I was the only programmer in the team.

In our BVW Show 2012, 14 worlds out of 88 are chosen. Floria was chosen as the finale in the Show, which received excellent feedback from fellow students, faculty and alumni. Flower Dance, the Floria music visualization work, was on display on the ETC Bridge at the night of the Show.

What is BVW?

Build Virtual World (BVW) is the core class the students have during the immersion semester at CMU ETC. The whole course is divided into five rounds. In each round (usually 2-week-long) a team is formed by randomly picking students from each role: programmer, 2D artist, 3D artist and sound designer. The team needs to know each other, brainstorm ideas, form the pipleline, work hard and communicate well, and deliver within the 2 week period.

BVW trained both the students’ professional skills, and their communication technique. Students that are successful in BVW are generally good at cooperation and understand the principles of teamwork.

In the end of the semester, the best worlds are chosen, and presented at the BVW Show.

The course website:

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