Planet Story




Planet Story is a 3D real time strategy game. It shows a war on the surface of a sphere. The player need to control their troop (gas) to conquer islands and compete with other forces.

This is a game we made for Dare to be Digital 2011. It won championship in the China Final.

I’m the programmer on our team. We had six people, and finished the project in 6 weeks (spare time).


Story: On the Azure Planet, gas is a living thing. Similar to the earth, this planet also faces environmental issues. In a way, her future will indicate the future of the earth…

Mechanism: There’re islands on the planet. An island creates gas to its owner at certain speed (relevant to the size of the island). The player need to occupy as many island as possible. Each time he link  his own islands to another, half the gas is sent to the target. The player can capture neutral islands or attack enemy’s islands.

If the player occupies the planet, he wins the level. After five levels the map is more obscure so it’s hard to see other islands’ quantity of gas. After ten levels the player wins the game.

Technology: The game is on Windows. We used Ogre 3D, CEGUI and finished the game in Visual Studio.

Aesthetic: The game is in 3D and uses particle effects and skybox.



This is the manual that is distributed with the game. (in chinese)








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