Rocky Road



Rocky Road is my first BVW work at CMU ETC. It features a world of simple shapes and promotes intuitive gameplay.

I’m the main programmer on this project, finishing the game framework, mechanism, control and UI using Unity 3D. I also did sound design. This is a 2-week project.

Story: The kid who loves ice-cream is frightened by a scary building. Can you help fixing the building?

Mechanism: Player in solo / coop modes try to fix the building and control the scaffolding. The game challenges their eye–body coordination and cooperation.

Technology: The game uses PS Move. The player uses swipe movement to fix the building, uses the trigger and pull to go upstairs. Apart from the screen and audio feedback, the PS Move can give vibration to the player.

Aesthetic: The art style is a combination of 2D and 3D with simplicity.

Our team: Dani, Sasa, Mike, me

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